T.E.m.a.N KU!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~hAnYa sIsPa d hAtI~

iNilAh BaRiSAn AnTarA KOmAnDer jPaM UItM sHah AlAm..pErtAhANaN aWAm dA bEz!

~mY LOvElY CS 225~

~xtw r nk kater pe,kls ktorg nih uish mmg kaki ponteng r..hehe..dhla sket org jek,kaki ponteng pn..kdr kepontengan ktorg ag obvious bler ktorg combine ngn grup len..grup len mst jrg r nk,spe suh ktorg combine ngn grup len yg tnggi kdr kerajinannyer..hoho..sesi kutukn klazmate ku tamat..wahaha..

~juSt FoR HIm~

~NeVer gIvE Up oN LoVe~
~eVeRyThInG HaPPeNs FoR A rEAsOn~
~If yOu ArE mEaN TO bE wItH thAt PerSoN,ThENNoTHinG WIll gET iN yoUr WAys tO bE TOgEThER~
~WaItINg TO bE WIth SumONe MAy SEEm a LonG tiME bUT thE tIMe You Get To SPenT WiTH sPecIaL suM oNe IS So MucH loNGer N moRE rEWarDinG ThAn The waIt EveR Was~